The new period started in the history of the P. Terlemezyan State College of Fine Arts in 2007, when it relocated in the new, major reconstructed and re-equipped educational building. The Terlemezyan exhibition hall adjacent to the new educational building was opened on December 19, 2007. The exhibition hall managed to play the noticable role in the cultural life of Armenia within the three years of its operation and realizes the large-scale projects in Armenia and other countries. The presentations, shows and exhibitions of the works of the college students and teachers, as well as the personal and group exhibitions of modern artists, art competitions, juried art shows, charitable purpose actions and other events are organized regularly at the Terlemezyan exhibition hall.

The exhibition hall is open for all creative individuals, and arts fanciers. We are ready to implement all worthy ideas in the sphere of culture and arts.


15.02.2013 Student Exhibition.


04.12.2012 Student Exhibition. IV Design

07.11.2012 Student Exhibition. Autumn 2012

27.04.2012 – Grigor Darbinyan and Artak Matevosyan exhibition of sculptural works

11.04.2012 – Student Spring Exhibition.


21.12.2011 – Tigran Hakobyan. Exhibition of cartoons

11.11.2011 – “Summer impressions”. Anahit Margaryan, Ani Marikyan, Lusine Hambardzumyan


09.12.2010 – Tapestry exhibition of the students of design department devoted to the 40th anniversary of the Armenian Tapestry

07.10.2010 - students exhibition devoted to the Day of Independence

23.04.2010 – “Lost Motherland. Genocide” students exhibition-competition


29.10.2009 – exhibition of the works of the students of P. Terlemezyan State College of Fine Arts

25.04.2009 - "Lost Motherland. Genoside" Armenian-Czekh Students Exhibition


19.12.2008 – group exhibition of the works of the instructors of the P. Terlemezyan State College

25.10.2008 – personal exhibition of Gagik Ghazaryan’s graphic and sculpture works